Forged street series pistons raw +10 thou

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Forged pistons raw with moly skirt coating

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New street series forged Barra pistons in two styles raw and phosphate coated.

9.0-1 comp

all our Barra pistons feature

Chromoly wrist pins

lateral gas ports top ring groove to keep the piston ring tight against the cylinder bore under boost.

radial anti detonation rings between the crown and top ring, these prevent carbon build up from locking the rings helping the lateral gas ports do their job with the added affect reducing pressure spikes resulting in longer piston ring life.

accumulator ring between first and second ring the purpose of the groove is to reduce pressure on the under side of the piston ring this reduction of pressure is a effective method to reduce/eliminate ring flutter which has an adverse affect on performance and can lead to high levels of blow-by

prioritised oiling to gudgeon pin

gudgeon pin force feed bore oil groove

Moly coating to piston side skirts.

All piston kits are supplied with new rings and heavy duty gudgeon pins as standard.

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Weight 3.2 kg
Dimensions 73 × 73 × 35 cm


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